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I never usually write reviews for the products I buy, especially not male enhancement products. But Tengenix was so damn good that I had to do it. I ordered 3 bottles of this stuff just because it sounded so amazing. After the 1st bottle, I noticed massive increases in sex-drive, energy levels, and how long I can have sex for (which is over an hour now!). After the second and third bottles, I noticed the biggest changes in my sex life. My penis SHOT UP by over 3 inches. It's unbelievable! This really is magic in a bottle. I swear.

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After using Tengenix for 3 months, I can honestly say that I would empty my checking account to buy this product if I had to. I added a ton of size to my penis, and my sex-drive is so much higher than I actually have to fight the urge to have sex every day. But I don't, because who doesn't love having a ton of sex every night? I haven't felt this way since I was a teenager, and I'm loving every minute of it. If you want a better sex life without all the fuss, use Tengenix. You won't be sorry.

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This is the best male enhancement product I've ever tried, and it's not even close. I've been the guy who used over 20 products to find the best one, and none of them were even half as good as Tengenix. The ingredients are prime time, the benefits you see are stellar, and the gains in penis size are night and day. It only took me 6 weeks to see about 2 inches of growth, which is 3 weeks ahead of what they said it take to get that big. Huge difference!

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Tengenix is the answer I've been looking for with a male enhancement product. It gives you plenty of size and girth, and it only takes a few weeks to see results. If you're like me who has tried everything under the sun and hasn't see much, this product will change your mind. I have tons of energy for sex, and I'm actually in the mood to do it after I get home from work, something I haven't felt in years. Love this stuff.

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"Been using for 5 weeks - AMAZING!"

I've been using Tengenix for 5 weeks now, and every week seems to get better and better. I love this product. The first week, I saw huge increases in sex-drive, and this made me feel amazing. But then the following weeks, I saw the biggest improvements: penis size. My penis shot way up there. I now have at least another 3 inches added on to my length and girth. Absolutely incredible stuff.

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"Try it - You Will Love it"

I was a little skeptical at first. I didn't think Tengenix would actually make your penis THAT much different than what it currently. Boy, am I glad I was wrong! I bought a bottle, and felt the blood rush straight to my penis. My erections were massive, and my penis permanently increased in size. I just can't get enough of Tengenix. There's nothing better than this, in my opinion.

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I hate to admit this, but I had about a 3-inch penis fully erect before using Tengenix. After using Tengenix for 12 weeks, it's now.....Get ready for it.....EIGHT INCHES LONG! I got 5 inches added to my penis, and I'm damn proud of it now. Before, I was actually scared to have sex with women, because I was afraid that they would laugh at me. But now, I can't wait until they see how big I am. -

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I've had trouble getting erections ever since my 40th birthday. I'm now 51, and haven't good sex in over a decade. I decided to try Tengenix as a last-ditch effort to get my sex life back. Well, after just a week, I'm back to my old self again! I can get erections on demand now, my sex-drive is through the roof, and my penis is noticeably bigger. I'm talking about an inch bigger in about a week. Isn't that crazy? I can't wait to see what happens after 12 weeks!

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