What You Think Women Want That They Actually Don’t

Of course there are millions of different things that people can want in a person, but there are a few major things that men think women want, but they don’t. This is a list of fairly traditional things that men expect women to be impressed by. The nice part about this list, is that some things that you may be worried about, are not actually a problem at all.

Your car

As long as your car is running, and clean, she probably is not going to be worried about it. Even if you have a very nice car, it may impress her some, but not as much as you think. Surveys have shown most women do not care about what type of car her boyfriend drives, as long as it runs, he keeps it clean, and it’s not of course.

You need abs

You do not need to have abs to get a girlfriend. If you haven’t noticed, the dad bod is all the rage right now, and more and more don’t care if you have a little something around the middle. Women like to see that you are making an effort to take care of yourself. They do not care that you are a little chubby, but they do care that make an effort with yourself.

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A giant penis

Seriously guys? She probably doesn’t care about how big it as long as it works. Most of the time women are more interested in the intimacy of sex rather than the size of your penis. Of course, this can’t be said for every women, but I can guarantee that the majority of women are not as concerned with the size of your penis as you think.

You have to like kids

More and more women are choosing to go childless for longer. This is because we all have to have career if we want to make it in this economy, plus children are not the first priority on women’s lists anymore because they have so many opportunities that have been presented to them. You do not need to love children to land the girl. You may not even realize it, but she probably feels the same way about other people’s children that you do.

No emotion

Women are not looking for men that keep all their emotions inside anymore. These days, women are accepting of men who show their emotions; most women like it when you show your emotions. It is okay to show your girl how you really feel, if you don’t you may lose her because she feels like you just don’t care.

A demanding job

Guys, she doesn’t want to hear about how demanding your job is. Yes, it is good to mention that you have a demanding job so she doesn’t feel like you are ignoring her, but it is not all that she wants to hear about. You should make it clear that you can balance your work life and your social life so that she is more willing to date you.

I’m rich!

Most women’s response is, “Okay, I don’t care.” You should be passionate about you do for a living, but you do not need to brag about how much money you make. That is a turn off, because most women believe that if you are bragging about it, it probably isn’t true. Now this isn’t always right, but it is still something to think about. Keep your salary to yourself, and see how many more women are willing to carry on a conversation with you.

Covering your bald spot

This can be a major issue for men, but women do not care as much as you think. Most women understand that hair loss is not something that you can control, and besides, you just look silly in that toupee. You do not need to go out of your way to cover your hair loss. If she doesn’t care, then she is probably better for you than the woman who cares immensely about hair loss.

Penis Pics

Quit doing this. No woman appreciates an unsolicited picture of your junk. Unless she specifically asked you for a picture, do not send one. If you send one without permission, she will only show it to her friends and make fun of you. She does not care to see your junk, it is not a good move if you want to stay on her good side.

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Being macho

If you are a real jerk when you are around your friends, she is not going to be interested. She would rather see a nice guy who appreciates her more than a guy who couldn’t care less that she is around. She wants to know that you care and want to be around, especially in public. So, drop the macho man routine around our friends and kiss your girl.


No one likes to feel like they are being played with. Women are less likely to want to get to know you, if you are not making your intentions clear. Be clear with what you want from her, and if she wants the same thing, then you guys will be good to go. She does not want you to be vague, she wants you to be transparent.

Talking about yourself

When all you can talk about is how great you are, she does not care. She would rather have you let her get to know you, but not in a way that makes her feel like you think you are better than her. If all you can talk about is yourself, she is bound to lose interest.

What she does want

She wants to be heard. She wants you to listen to her as well as she is listening to you. She wants know who you truly are, not who you think you are. It is important to have open communication so that she feels like you actually want to know her and hear her.

What You Think Women Want That They Actually Don’t

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