What do women really think about the size of your penis?


Elite daily conducted a survey and created a video on what men and women have to say about penis size.  The video is called “Does Size Really Matter?” and available on Youtube.

Responses varied and some women appeared to be okay with a small penis stating “My ideal size is bigger than a q-tip and smaller than a cucumber”.

Most of the women all agreed that under most circumstances it was wrong to call a guy out for having a q-tip dick. There is a major exception though to this rule among women!

If your personality if the biggest thing that comes to mind when a women think of the word dick in combination with you then rest assured the whole world is about to know about your small cock.

One woman summarized this sentiment well saying “You never call out a guy for having a small dick unless he’s an asshole. Then you call him out on social media,”

Penis size influences female pleasure but the majority of women keep these opinions to themselves and sacrifice sexual enjoyment to spare the man’s feelings.

We recently collaborated with several women’s lifestyle websites to conduct a comprehensive forum asking everyday women to write in and share their honest opinions on the big penis size debate and their ideal penis.  26b

Here are a few of the responses

“I can only speak for myself, but size definitely matters. I’ve found that I really prefer larger guys…I’m not saying little guys can’t be great lovers ― I’m sure they could ― but I just know I’m the most satisfied with huge guys”

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  • Lauren, 28

“If you can feel it and by that I mean decently feel it enough to know it’s in – then it’s okay. Super sad and a mood killer to have to ask if it’s in or what’s going on..  So awkward and just really embarrassing and uncomfortable for us both.”

  • Jenna, 24

“My kind heart or perhaps technically my head wants to say of course it doesn’t matter but honestly it does deep down. However, I’d argue that girth is more important than length so even if you’re penis is a bit similar but still thick –  I’m still down for a ride.

  • Charolette, 33

“Tiny penises belong on kids. Not to be gross or anything but if you got a tiny penis than you’re a kid to me and have no business trying to get into a gorgeous babe’s pants. It’s annoying – like just stop embarrassing yourself. Go away little boy.”

  • Gia, 27

“I’m sure some women do really think size doesn’t matter and it could just be me and my hell bound posse of hoes BUT uhh, yeah, penis size does matter. You just can’t get that sensation you can for a large thick one… A lot of sex postions are also challenging and awkward with a small penis like it falling out during doggystyle or switching up the positions”

  • Amy 30

“Not a drama queen or anything and have nothing against dudes with small dicks but it feels so freaking incredible when you have a nice huge one up in you and all that good jazz.

  • Selena 34

“I never thought size was important until I happened to be with someone with a massive penis… After that though I’ve started to really think that size makes a big difference.”26c

  • Ashley, 25

“Yes. Women can say all say it doesn’t matter and there is only feeling in the first three inches of the vagina till they’re blue in the face or the cows come home… whatever horrible cliche works best for you because that’s how sex is with a guy who has a small penis. It’s bullshit. Of course, guys with small penis can give great head or use toys but for me personally – nothing beats the real thing.”

  • Marissa 24

“It depends on if you’re looking for a lot of fun or a guy who make a good boyfriend and maybe father one day. If it’s fun – go big – go all in girl! If it’s settling down time then penis size is probably not the most important thing to be focusing on and not a deal breaker.

  • Olivia 29

“Seriously. Do guys actually believe size doesn’t matter?? We lie. It’s like when we ask you if we look fat or if you think we’re the most attractive woman in the world or if you think our little sister is hot and was checking her out at the family lakeside bbq… You’re gonna say we’re not fat, we look great and you’ve never even noticed before she had DDs and especially not when coming out of the water in a little bikini… Lying is something every couple does at times to try and be respectful and spare the other person’s feelings. When it comes to size it does matter and the bigger the better. If your girl tells you differently at least know she loves you enough to try and spare you a humiliating situation and instead stroke your ego because God knows it’s still a better option than having to stroke your tiny disappointing cock which is still preferable to having it (you think but is it?) inside you haha. Sorry. It’s the truth. I love big cocks. I’m unreasonable like that.. like a woman who deeply loves incredible mind blowing sex.”

  • Hannah, 24

She’ll probably be nice but if you have a small penis the only think she’ll probably be thinking inside about you is that she doesn’t… Be a man. Try to satisfy her. Order Tengenix.

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What do women really think about the size of your penis?

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