Unlocking the Secrets behind Male Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms – the holy grail in women’s sexual pleasure. You hear about them talk about multiple orgasms in Cosmo and Women’s Health, and it definitely leaves men wondering how it would be if men were able to have multiple orgasms like women do. Men know all too well how an orgasm feels, but even the most intense ones could not possibly come close to what women feel when they experience multiple orgasms.

Why can’t men have multiple orgasms?

Have you ever had a multiple orgasm? Probably not. You might have tried to make it happen before, but chances are, you failed to even feel pleasure after your first orgasm. Unlike women, men experience a rest period immediately following an orgasm. The clinical term for this phenomenon is the ‘refractory period’. The refractory period is like a shut off valve for your libido to let your body recover after experiencing an orgasm. The refractory period is caused by neurotransmitters in your brain called oxytocin and prolactin, which makes you feel sexually desensitized after having an orgasm. Unlike men, women do not have refractory periods, and thus the sexual pleasure and sensitivity continues even after having an orgasm.


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Unlocking the secrets behind male multiple orgasms

Being able to have multiple orgasms is more than just plain sexual pleasure for you; it would mean a great deal for your partner to experience being on the giving end of a multiple orgasm. Unlocking a man’s ability to experience multiple orgasms can be traced back to hormones.

As men get older, the refractory period lasts longer. Male teens experience a median refractory period of about 5-15 minutes, but older men can experience refractory periods that last for days. This is because the testosterone levels drop as you get older, and your body adapts to the increasing need for recovery after having sex.

The key to unlocking the male multiple orgasm is by altering the factors that affect it. TenGenix contains MACA ROOT, a Peruvian herb that can directly affect the duration of the refractory period. Maca root is one of the few supplements that can be taken by men and women due to its ability to regulate hormones. The role of maca root in the TenGenix formula is to inhibit prolactin and oxytocin to lessen the effects of the refractory period in men. As a result, men experience far shorter refractory periods and users are able to bounce back faster after experiencing an orgasm. The libido boosters in TenGenix work synergistically with maca root to increase libido following an orgasm.35o

It’s still far from what women experience, but taking TenGenix with maca root gets you as close as any man could to experience a multiple orgasm. Think about the sexual pleasure and fun you and your partner could have when you both can experience multiple orgasms.

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Unlocking the Secrets behind Male Multiple Orgasms

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