The Accents Women Love

This article will look at different accents and all the reasons that women love them. The order doesn’t determine how popular the accent is. Each accent is there just to show you some of the reasons your accent is sexy to women and how you can use it to your advantage.

Asian Accents

Whether you’re from the Far East or Southeast Asian area of the world, for American women your accent is hot. You tend to speak in fast, slightly clipped English. This just makes them want to listen closer and really focus on each word you say. As your accent becomes a bit lighter, the sexiness of it increases a ton. The rate of your speech may make women think of productivity and the importance of reaching their goals. Many women love the pronunciation and vocabulary differences you use when speaking.

English (UK)

For women, your accent is extremely sexy. After many years of frustration, women are pretty sure there’s more than one UK accent, but the posh, BBC ones are a fave, and of course, sex icons such as Idris Elba and David Beckham help a lot. Your accent makes you look very smart and cool. Like the other accents, the coolness factor is a combination of pronunciation and differences in vocabulary. For instance, if you’re tired, you may say “I’m knackered”. But, it’s not just your slang, it’s your use of English. You tend to have a more sophisticated way of saying things that makes women tingle.

Heavy Canadian

Tengenix user impressing his dateMost American women are sure that all of you guys say “sore-ee” instead of sorry, and that can be frustrating. But, the truth is, with a heavy Canadian accent that’s what it sounds like to American women. While the Canadian accent is similar to the American accent, certain ways that you pronounce things is super sexy. For instance, you say Zed instead of Z or “sway-ger” instead of swagger. Women think those differences are super sexy and just by being Canadian, you remind them of Drake or Ryan Gosling.

African Accents

There are many, many different accents, but overall, you have a calm, in-charge quality when speaking English. Women love your accent because it makes you look competent. All of the time. The way you express yourself is, often, like a wise sage. Relaxed, confident, and ready to take on any challenges. It’s sexy to be around a guy who knows how to handle things with poise and charm.

Southern / New York/ Boston (USA)

The Southern accent is sexy to many women. Whether they’re from America or from an international country, this accent, at least in its milder forms, is pleasant to hear. That slight twang mixed in with the adorable way you say some words is a real turn-on. Your slower-paced speaking style relaxes women and lowers their stress. So, the next time you ask a woman for her number, add some Southern phrase to it. She’ll be more likely to hand over her digits.

Many British women love the Southern, Californian “Surfer Dude”, New York, and Boston accent because they’re distinctly different from other American accents. Having grown up listening to Americans, your Midwestern accent might not turn heads, but just affect a Southern, New York, chill “Surfer Dude”, or Boston accent and you’ll find your sexiness goes up to 10. Heads up, if you use a Boston accent, a lot of British women will think you’re smarter.


Popularized by movies such as The Spy Who Shagged Me, even though the accent was awful, you tend to speak English the same way you speak your own language. Many American women say it sounds throaty and thick, but they’ll have a great time trying to mimic you. And failing. As you get to know her better, teach her how to pronounce some words like yourself. Under the guise of teaching her how to affect your throaty pronunciation, get flirty. Touch her neck and lips. Shape her mouth to get the right sound. She’ll love the contact.


Your native language is extremely sexy, so that’s already a point in your favor. That soft, effortless accent moves over to your English and gets women’s blood boiling. There are so many words you pronounce with that French flair that women love. You may find you’ll have to repeat yourself a lot. Why? Because she may not be listening to your words, just your accent. Light some candles, turn down the lights, and sit near her. Figure out her favorite phrase and say it in that amazingly sexy accent of yours. She’ll love it.

Scandinavian / German

Some of the differences in idioms and syntax can be really sexy. It just reminds them of the whole cultural and language differences that set you apart from other men they speak to.

Australian/ New Zealand

Nope, your accents aren’t the same, but they’re grouped together on this list because to women who aren’t from either of your countries, your accents sound pretty much just the same. They don’t particularly care whether you’re from Australia or New Zealand, they just want to hear those long vowels and the amazing way you say, “mate”. The lilt of your accent is a real turn-on for women, and it doesn’t hurt that your accent reminds them of Hugh Jackman or Brenton Thwaites. Talk a lot, whether you’re from New Zealand or Australia, you’ll have tons of ladies lined up just to hear you say hello.


man with accent whispering to woman's ear confidence from TengenixBoosted by the fact that the Scottish accent can sound a bit more manlier, it tends to be highly regarded by women. This accent was introduced to many American women through a movie called Braveheart. At times, the Scottish accent can be difficult to understand but it’s milder forms can make your voice sound deeper and rougher. This reminds women of strength and confidence, which is a big nod in your direction.


Women love the way you roll your r’s and whisper in their ears. Your language is melodic and makes them want to snuggle closer. With those extra vowels added at the end of words, they could listen to you all day.


Your laid-back accent relaxes women, makes them want to sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze. And you, of course. Women find the rhythmic nature of your accent super sexy, though they may do a terrible imitation of it. Don’t be too hard on them, it’s a hot, but hard, accent to master. Get real close as you try to teach her how to get the accent right. After all, you’re only trying to help her, right?


Your accent gives you an air of mystery, danger, and intrigue. Women may find themselves wondering what you’re up to. They may ask tons of questions, trying to get into your head. And, to hear your accent, of course. You may have a thicker sounding way of pronouncing words, but women will be hanging on your every word.


Have you noticed that people start to mimic your accent as soon as they come around you? That’s because your accent is highly-regarded among native English speakers. They just can’t help themselves. Your accent is that alluring. They want some of that charm and roughness mixed together. There are differences between Northern and Southern Irish accents, but don’t harp on that. Most likely, she won’t be able to tell the difference. One thing you can try: while dancing with your women, sing a song near her ear. She may not understand every word, but it won’t matter because the melody of your voice will relax her and bring her closer. And yes, she’ll probably ask you to say, “Top of the morning to you.” A lot.

The Accents Women Love

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