Penis Enlargement Machines: Exposing the Truth

Pursuing real penis enlargement have led people to develop all sorts of gadgets and products that they promise would help increase the size of your penis. You might have seen many of these gadgets and gizmos as some of them are openly marketed on social media, and even on Amazon. You might be wondering – is there any real science behind these products?

It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that these gadgets work. Many people think that gadgets are far safer than supplements, because you’re not putting any chemical or unknown herb inside your body – and we understand that. However, it would really help if there was any real science behind these devices, but surprisingly, there aren’t any.35k

Penis enlargement gadgets could be grouped into two major categories – pumps and weights. Pumps are generally cylindrical tubes attached to a suction device to create a vacuum, which supposedly sucks the blood from your penis – just like a giant hickey-making machine, just on your penis. Weights are snap or clip-on gadgets that hang on to your penis that supposedly forces it to stretch, and make it bigger. If the idea of sucking blood out of your penis or clipping weights on your penis didn’t make you flinch, then you might be one of the thousands of individuals who might take them up on their offer.

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Why penis pumps won’t work

The concept of penis pumps is to draw blood to your penis to make it bigger. After all, blood is what makes your penis erect, and blood is also what makes it bigger. However, the idea is largely amiss since the first blood vessels that would be affected by the vacuum effect of penis pumps would be the capillaries on the dermis layer of the skin. If you watched some of the documentaries for the 2016 Olympics, then you might have seen the red bumps on the swimmers’ bodies caused by the Chinese cupping therapy, which is roughly similar to what penis pumps will do to your body. At the end of the day, your penis would just be red and sensitive to pain, but no real results as far as penis enlargement goes.

Why penis weights won’t work

Penis weights or penis hanging is even a lot more dangerous than penis pumps. The idea of pulling the penis down to make it bigger is terribly unsafe as it can lead to serious injury that can affect your normal sexual function. The idea that putting weights on your penis will make it stretch out has long been debunked as it’s now common knowledge that there are no muscles in your penis. Therefore, stretching it would do it more harm than good.35l


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Penis Enlargement Machines: Exposing the Truth

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