Male enhancement pills have officially taken over erectile dysfunction drugs as the go-to solution for erectile dysfunction. Back in the 90s when a certain erectile dysfunction drug was made popular, it enjoyed the majority of the market share for male enhancement products. Now, the decreasing popularity of erectile dysfunction drugs lead to the development of less-risky male enhancement pills that work just as well, or even better than erectile dysfunction drugs.

Unlike erectile dysfunction drugs that work exclusively on the user’s ability to obtain and sustain an erection, male enhancement pills now offer more than just an erectogenic effect; it also improves libido and hormone response to greatly improve sexual pleasure and performance. Studies suggest that 50-60% of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by abnormally-low libido, and while erectile dysfunction drugs can help them obtain an erection, they would still miss out on the sexual pleasure and satisfaction brought by libido.

Male enhancement solutions offer a complete approach that would not only help men achieve an erection, but to actually enjoy sex through increased libido. The only advantage that erectile dysfunction drugs have is that you can take ED drugs about 30 minutes before having sex and still get the benefits. Currently, there are only a handful of male enhancement brands that can be used as an instant erection pill, but the industry is working towards better solutions to make instant erectogenics as the new standard in male enhancement technology.


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