How to Take Care of Your Sexual Health

Sexual health is just as important as taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. Sexual health is essential to being a human being. If you are not able to comfortably have and enjoy sex, you may feel slightly out of tune with the rest of the world. This article will give you tips about understanding sexual health.

Become Aware

Premature ejaculation is something that many men worry about throughout their whole lives. You can learn how manage this and other aspect of your sexual health. Some major issues that you should understand include the following:

  • ♦  Sex Basics. You need to understand the revolution of desire, response, and stimulation to improve your sexual health.
  • ♦  Lack of Desire. You need to understand this about yourself and your partner. This is often the biggest issue between couples, but it can be remedied in different ways.
  • ♦  Erectile Dysfunction. No man wants to experience this. There are many reasons why you might be experiencing erectile dysfunction.
  • ♦  Physical Challenges. Health concerns, physical impairment, and many other things may require problem solving so that your sexual intercourse can be at its best.


Sexual Health and Infections

Sex should be great, but if you are not careful it can be a risk. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can sometimes make sex uncomfortable or painful. They can also have long term effects on your body. Sexually transmitted diseases have the potential to be life threatening as well. You need to learn about sexual health so have the best sexual health.

  • condoms for safe sex for a Tengenix user♦ STD identification. You should learn the signs of various sexually transmitted diseases. You should also learn about the consequences of infection.
  • ♦ Prevention. You need to learn about prevention techniques so that you can protect your health and other’s health.
  • ♦ STD Testing. If you are having regular intercourse with multiple partners, you should get tested regularly for STDs.
  • ♦ Living with an STD. If you find out that you have a sexually transmitted disease, you will have to learn how to live with it.


Getting Help with Intimacy Issues

Most of the time, people wait too long before they go to get help for intimacy issues. People usually wait so long that it becomes a serious problem for your doctor to deal with. Make sure to visit your doctor the moment you have concerns. Depending on your problems, you can visit with any of the following professionals:

  • ♦  Primary care doctor
  • ♦  Physical therapist
  • ♦  Urologist
  • ♦  Mental health professional


Screenings Men Need When They Are Over 50

When it comes to your health regular screenings are a must if you want to stay healthy. As we age, we become more and more susceptible to various conditions and diseases. There are a few things that you should take into consideration before getting any screenings:

  • ♦  Your family history
  • ♦  List of questions you have for your doctor
  • ♦  Think about the future
  • ♦  Find out if you are due for regular screenings

 Here are some of the screenings that you should consider getting if you are a man over 50.

Hepatitis C Screening

man consulting with doctor for sexual health and about Tengenix

You need this screening if you were born between 1945 and 1965. Studies have shown almost 75 percent of people born during this time have hepatitis C. This is important because it is a virus that slowly kills the liver. You may prevent liver failure if you get this screening regularly. The reason the people who are born between 1945 and 1965 need to be tested is because they lived in a time before we knew hepatitis C existed


Men that are 50 years and older need to get regular colonoscopies. You may even have to have the test done earlier in life in you have certain risk factors. These factors include inflammatory bowel disease and if your family has a history of colon cancer. It is important because it allows your doctor to see cancer before it becomes an issue. They can also see precancerous growths in your colon and get rid of it before it develops into cancer.

Blood Pressure Screening

Everyone needs this screening. Whether you are male or female, as long as you are 30 years and older, you should be getting regular blood pressure screenings. Since there is so much pressure and stress put on people today, blood pressure levels are rising. This is important because high blood pressure wears down your blood vessels. This raises your chances of stroke, heart attack, and dementia.

Cholesterol Check

Everyone needs to get their cholesterol checked. High cholesterol foods are accessible these days making the cholesterol levels of adult Americans higher than it was in past decades. This is important because cholesterol is a fatty substance that floats through your arteries. If there are high levels of cholesterol, it turns into low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which is considered bad cholesterol. This can lead to blockage and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Blood Sugar Screenings

Anyone who is over the age of 45 should have their blood sugar tested. You should get yourself checked if you experience the symptoms of hyperglycemia which are weight loss, unusual thirst, and many others. This is important because high blood sugar levels can be the cause of diabetes. Diabetes can lead to many other health issues like kidney disorders, nerve issues, vision problems, impotence, foot problems, and much more. When you have diabetes you also have an increased chance of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These can lead to heart disease and create a greater chance for strokes or heart attacks. There are almost 7.2 million Americans that have undiagnosed diabetes which is why this screening is especially important.


Make sure that you are talking to your doctor about your sexual health. They will help you to get on the right track to understand your sexual health and to get the above listed screenings when you need them.

How to Take Care of Your Sexual Health

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