Have you hit your sexual peak already?


What guy looks forward to the aging process? The youthful strength, looks and the possibilities enjoyed in your 20s and 30s pass so quickly. What’s next? How fun will it be to retire knowing you no longer have the energy or ability to attract women and the implications for your sex life. What is sex like as you age? Are erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems inevitable or is it still possible to enjoy a great good life? Do you start lusting after older women as you age or is your eye always going to be drawn to the hot young 20 years who still have great perky tits and smooth rounded asses?

The bad news

You don’t ever really hear a lot of hype about sex after 40. The sexual changes that occur are overall rather bad. There is a reason you don’t hear most men or women for that matter raving about how amazing their sex life is now that they’re old. The changes resulting from the aging process to male sexual health start anywhere between the ages of 40 and 50. It’s the same period of time where women start to enter menopause and overall sexual function is dramatically changed for both genders.

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Man Taking a Vitamin Pill --- Image by © Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

Man Taking a Vitamin Pill — Image by © Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

Difficulty getting aroused and hard

Aging changes how men experience erections and make it more challenging to get aroused. Erotic fantasies and daydreams are no longer able to get you hard. No matter how inconvenient it may have been to get the impromptu or embarrassing boner, it was an indicator of your high libido and ability to have frequent erections. The challenge of getting an erection increases dramatically each year after the age of 40. You’ll now have to take a vigorous hand to it if you want to get hard from an erotic daydream.

Say hello to wilted limp erections

Even when you do get it off the appearance and firmness of your erections take on a whole different dimension. Erections are not hard like they were back in your 20s. Erections are soft and wilt quickly at even minor distractions. The condition we’re talking about right now is NOT erectile dysfunction. This problem is just plain old every man middle-aged erection dissatisfaction. Many men do go in to experience erectile dysfunction though as they continue to age. Erectile dysfunction is when you’re unable to get an erection despite sustained vigorous masturbation. Erection dissatisfaction is when you still get an erection but it’s soft and only lasts for a minute or two before completely wilting.  Both conditions are borderline debilitating to a man’s sexual health and take away his ability to successfully engage in penetrative sexual activity

Riser in bed with her sleeping husband at the morning

Riser in bed with her sleeping husband at the morning

You can slow down the aging process

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Have you hit your sexual peak already?

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