Do you have a small penis?


You probably don’t want to ask your wife or girlfriend if your penis fails to satisfy her or if she’s been with bigger men and if the sex was better with a larger penis. But it’s definitely a question that every man has wondered. Bruce Gilbert, MD, Ph.D. is the director of reproductive and sexual medicine at the Smith Institute for Urology in Lake Success, New York. Dr. Gilbert states that overall men don’t even want to talk to their Doctor about their small size and its role in being able to satisfy their partner. He explains,“When they come in for something else, they ask, ‘Oh, by the way, I am concerned about the length of my penis… Most are men in the 20-to-40 age group. But some are aged 40 to 50, and some even older men ask.” It’s normal and common to be worried about the size of your penis.

There is only one concrete way to know if you’re penis is small and how it measures up to the other men your girl might have enjoyed. Researchers use a method called SPL which is an abbreviation for stretched penis length to officially measure and calculate the average penis size.

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How do you measure your SPL?

  • Find a tape measure or ruler.
  • Stay flaccid.
  • Tightly press the tape measure or ruler against the pubic bone located at the base of your
  • Carefully stretch your penis as fast as physically possible without injury.
  • Measure the length between your pubic bone and tip of stretched penis.

How do you measure up?23b

There is a reason men worry about the size of their penis and ability to satisfy women. Statistics show most men don’t measure up. Just read these alarming statistics and do the math. The majority of adult men have a penis size within an ½ inch of 5 inches. You might think well that’s not too bad. So, half of the men are larger than 5 inches and half of the men are smaller. Half the male population is well endowed. Not exactly. Statistics also show that only 0.6% of men have an SPL of 6.8 inches or larger. That means that the other half of the population larger than the average of 5 inches is still predominantly in the 5 inches ballpark. Combine that figure with the other half of the population of men below 5 inches bottoming out the average penis size of 5 inches. It just keeps getting worse once you realize the clinical definition of a micropenis is any size below 3 ⅔ inches. 1 ½ inches is all that divides a man with the average size penis from a man with a micropenis.

What can you do about small penis size?23c

Having a small penis doesn’t mean you lost the genetically based crapshoot for having a great sex life. Natural male enhancement supplements like Trimassix have been shown in numerous clinical studies to increase penis size by as much as 4 inches! In addition, to eliminating the common causes of erectile dysfunction and other problems that reduce the size and quality of erections. You don’t have to live the rest of your life wondering if your penis can satisfy. The questions have been answered. Science has provided the solution. Try Trimassix today.

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 Do you have a small penis?

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