5 Must-Do Penis Hygiene Habits for Men

TenGenix may be the best male enhancement supplement in the market today, but there are simply some things that TenGenix would not be able to do for you. TenGenix can enhance SIZE, STAMINA, and SEXUAL ENDURANCE, but it cannot make women want you if you have disgusting habits. Kidding aside, hygiene is an extremely important factor in a man’s sexual health that it needs to be raised. No matter how big your penis is, or how good you are in bed, your partner will not enjoy their time with you if you would not pay attention to hygiene.

Here are some must-do hygiene habits for men:

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Shower, or at least wash your privates before sex – and once more after.

If you can’t smell your privates, it doesn’t mean that your partner can’t. The norm would be to shower before going out on a date, but if you can, wash your privates before and after having sex. All the time that you spent andall the activities you did after showering and would have definitely made your privates a little less pleasant to smell. It would help if you use a bath soap with a masculine fragrance that would keep your privates fresh all day. The key is – do not assume that how your privates smell would not matter, because it certainly does.

Take time to wipe your privates after urinating

We all know that there’s a small trickle of urine that lingers in your urethra after urinating, and you should never forget to wait until the last drop comes out before you zip up your pants. The extra trickle of urine would be pushed out eventually, and it will be absorbed by your underwear. A couple of hours in a warm, moist environment is all it takes to make your privates smell nasty.

Trim your pubes

Going au naturaleis what most men prefer, but even so, you must take care of your pubic hair and trim at least once a month to prevent infections. Humans have evolved to have pubic hair to protect the genitals from abrasion and to serve as cushion for the fragile organs. However, it also attracts bacteria and fungi, and overgrowing it may lead to infection.35i

Shower daily

Although most of us rarely miss showering every day, it’s important to keep in mind that showering every day has a huge impact on your penis hygiene. Your privates are located in a pretty moist and warm location, and throughout the day, it would invite the growth of bacteria and fungi. Taking a shower daily would ensure that you keep the harmful bacteria and fungi away – and make sure that you change your underwear every day!

If you shave, never use aftershave

If you’re the type of guy who wants to shave their hair down there, using aftershave is a VERY bad idea. Majority of aftershaves have alcohol in the formula, and having alcohol in contact with skin on a very warm and moist environment is a recipe for stinky privates. Just like how you should never put alcohol on your feet, you should never put aftershave when you shave your pubes. Use water or a warm towel if you need to.

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5 Must-Do Penis Hygiene Habits for Men

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